About SwissQuantum

Quantum mechanics explains how nature behaves and has helped to improve chemical reactions, electronic devices, light sources and lasers. Progress in the experimental control of quantum systems drives the ongoing second quantum revolution. Future computing, simulation, sensing and communication will make use of the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics, resulting in drastically improved performance.

Quantum technology is currently at a crossroads.

Many governments and companies worldwide are making significant investments in an effort to boost their competitiveness in quantum science, innovation and products in a future quantum ecosystem. Now is the time to reinforce our investment, also in Switzerland.


The document “Switzerland at the Quantum Crossroads” was written in 2017 to outline the quantum science and technology landscape in Switzerland. It explains the promises of this technology and outlines the required steps for Switzerland to leverage its leadership in this space.
Many people have shown their support for this initiative and endorsed it by submitting their name.

Since 2023 the Swiss Quantum Initiative coordinates the efforts to further strengthen Switzerlands leading position in quantum technology. The initiative is lead by the Swiss Quantum Commission, a group of experts in the field and it contributes to Switzerland's ability to compete and connect at the international level and to strengthen our position for international cooperation.